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What you need to know about bookkeeping

Outsourcing has been around since the 70’s, but it wasn’t until the late 80’s that the business community accepted it as an effective strategy for improving profit margins.

This has led to a surge in the demand for Virtual Assistants as businesses looked to outsource non-core activities.

So what is the value of using a Virtual Assistant?

Many VA’s are highly experienced and have specialist core skills, not just in admin, but marketing, bookkeeping or paralegal work to name but a few. They can complete the projects efficiently and free you up to concentrate on the strategic concerns of your business. With less hours spent on timely administrative tasks, you can increase productivity elsewhere thus reducing stress and increasing personal well-being. If you also take into account that a VA is highly experienced and versatile, you will have saved costs on in-house training, inductions etc. VA’s literally hit the ground running.

One of the other advantages of a Virtual Assistants is that they are remote. They are not using office space, equipment or resources, there is no payroll admin or taxes to handle, and you only pay for the hours the VA works which you can scale up and down depending on your needs. You may not need virtual assistants all the time, but they are a strategic tool to be customised that can add value to your business.

Shop around and find someone with the skills required to manage your business, and you can guarantee while you are working at growing your business, your VA will be working at taking care of managing your business.